Radio has survived many media changes throughout the decades. With 2021’s live streaming radio, podcasts, and even traditional FM and AM radio—businesses need to see the value of audio advertising. Digital streaming and video might make radio seem like an outdated place to generate business. The truth is, however, the radio remains a mainstay medium for businesses to find new customers.

Reaching Your Audience

Even with the pandemic raging in 2020, statistics show that millions of Americans are tuning into their favorite radio broadcasts. Consumers listen while they’re jogging, working, or when they want something playing in the background while they work.

Radio has the unique ability to reach the market in ways that video and TV cannot. This is because radio only needs an audience to hear it and doesn’t rely on a viewer to watch it.

So, businesses can use audio advertisements on radio shows that talk about products and services that hook the listener through what they hear. Since the promotions occur before, during, or after the show, businesses have a lot of flexibility when and how they want to reach their listeners.

Types of Radio Ads 

One of the best things about radio ads is that they can run at any time during a broadcast. Since ads are within the podcast or radio show, businesses can decide where and when they want to advertise to ensure they reach audiences.

In general, there are three kinds of audio ad placings. These are pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll. As the names imply, the type of audio advertisement will play before, during, or after the broadcast, respectively. Businesses can time what kind of advertising they want to use before a show begins, while the show is on a break, or just after the show ends.

These audio ads can be beneficial when they run. Companies can run advertisements on a radio show in the digital radio domain and include a clickable banner for their business while they hear the ad. This banner links right to a landing page, so any interested listeners can quickly become customers.

Specify Demographics

Digital radio advertisement services make it easy for a business to advertise to a specific demographic. A business can use a service to determine what shows their audience listens to and on what platforms. From there, a company can run ads on these shows to reach their ideal customers.

This feature helps companies bypass uninterested listeners and target the shows with people who can provide value. Instead of searching for customers, audio ads allow products and services to meet the customer where they are.

Advertise Your Business on the Radio

At Live Audio Ads, we make it easy for you to create and run digital advertisements on the streaming, podcast, and radio broadcasts that your audience listens to.

We want to help you get your product out there and find the people who need it.

Live Audio Ads: Our Service

We begin working together by helping you create a display banner and audio advertisement specifically for your business. Then, we’ll use our AI predictive modeling to help you find your ideal audience. Our model allows us target socio-demographics, gender, age, music genre, and even language for your audience. Then, we launch your advertisement on the right platforms to meet your target audience.

Let’s get your product on the radio waves today.

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