Often times, the great separator between a good business and a great one is the reach they have. At ProData we offer you the best in not just audio, but visual advertising.

In the last decade alone, the radio advertising landscape has changed from one that was merely heard. The advent of smart phones and apps have made the world a combination of being seen and heard.

This isn’t just a matter of reading a spread sheet. Our AI uses a predictive modeling engine to continuously track consumer activity to help us craft a tailored audio ad for your broadcast market.

Your audio placement will have an exposure to premium audio inventory, from Pandora to ESPN.

Our internal ad management platform is leveraged to target based on various forms of data. We even set up a broadcast schedule for your audio message to set up a day and time to ensure your audio advertisements are played when your audience is listening.

We have managed to form an important network of relationships with all major ad networks and publishers. This allows us to expose our clients to nearly 97% of domestic digital ad space, with access to one of the largest databases in the country.

Our buy-in rates are as competitive as you’ll find for what is being offered: starting at $499

It’s easy to say all of this, though— we’re well aware. Why not give us a go, and watch us prove these numbers to you?

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