US businesses spend billions of dollars on advertising every year. The growing digital domain gives businesses tons of versatility about where they can run their ads. Video and streaming services like Netflix continue to be prime contenders for ads, but one overlooked medium that continues to be valuable is radio.

Today’s Radio

In 2019, spending on audio advertisements grew by 30%. Even with the pandemic in 2020, statistics show that millions of Americans continued to stream and listen to their favorite podcasts and radio shows. As businesses took notice, they began targeting the popular radio shows to meet their audience.

Radio has a way of meeting people that visual mediums like videos cannot. Listeners can tune in while they jog, while they walk, or when they want background noise while they work. With this versatility, businesses can run advertisements that don’t require visuals. As 2021 goes on, business predictions are that the radio will continue to be a valuable medium for advertising.


Since the market continues to depend on audio content during the pandemic, the numbers show that businesses are counting on audio advertisements to reach a larger audience.

The BIA Advisory Services predicts that the US will spend $12.6 billion in ad revenue for national, regional, local, and online radio. That prediction places the radio in one of the top 5 forms of media in 2021.

Companies need to understand the consistent impact that audio content provides their listeners. These predictions indicate that the audience will listen to all kinds of audio content and be open to hearing advertisements and their favorite shows.

The radio in 2021 is shaping up to be a prime place for a business to run ads and grow their brand.

The Market

In the past, radio advertisements offer high engagement rates to businesses. That means listeners will stay tuned during an ad they hear and answer a call to action. One statistic shows that 60% of podcast listeners purchase a product after the podcast advertises it.

For firms targeting the centennial and millennial demographic—statistics show that these generations are generally those who listen to the radio the most.

However, no matter the market, audio advertisement services can help businesses find the market they want to reach.

Live Audio Ads: Our Service

At Live Audio Ads, we understand the impact that radio ads can have on the audience. We want to help you leverage online radio in 2021.

We’ll broadcast your advertisements on platforms like Pandora, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio—wherever your audience might be. Our simple three-step process will help you create your audio ad, find your specific audience with our AI predictive modeling, and then launch your advertisement campaign.

Let us help you reach the people you want to serve. We’ll get your name out there so you can grow your customer base and your brand name.

Get your business on the radio today.

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