We live in a fast-paced world where companies are fighting to be at the center of attention. What can they do when target audiences aren’t listening to their brand? It’s easy – a combination of audio and digital marketing. Today, businesses cannot survive without a digital presence. It’s essential to tailor online content that appeals to all the senses-then implement multiple strategies that are critical to building a brand. 

Radio Is (Not) Dead

We tend to think radio is dead, as we have so many more options at our fingertips. TV, Internet, and more are available to audiences, so why bother with radio? Well, radio is still a powerful marketing tool. People often turn up the radio while driving in the car. Usually, it is the only thing they are paying attention to (besides driving). 

What makes us think that radio is dead is actually what strengthened the industry. It’s partially true that terrestrial radio is not as effective as it once was, but advances in technology allow us to not only bring radio back into the home, but have it on demand anywhere with internet connectivity.  Today, more people stream their favorite music and podcasts directly from a device rather than tuning to an FM station.

Now, Combine Them

Remember, radio is not dead. Digital strategy is essential to all businesses. What if we combined them? The result is a nearly flawless marketing strategy.

Combining radio and digital marketing leads to a higher return on investment (ROI) and increases two-way communication with audiences. Digital marketing today is all about two-way communicating, as both company and client can evaluate each other’s opinions and increase effectiveness. 

The ability to not only curate an audience for streaming radio, but to then retarget that audience with visual display ads is a winning combination.  This 1-2 punch of attracting potential customers audibly and visually will help reinforce brand recognition and increase awareness.

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